If I Could I Would

If I could take all the pain, from
every child in the world as my own,
in a heartbeat, I would. If I could
cry their tears, or wipe their eyes,
I would. If I could place just an
ounce of joy inside their precious
souls, I would.

So many lost in life, looking for
a helping hand, so many crying out
for help, hunger throughout this
land. So much confusion and pain,
I see everyday, If I could, I would
make it go away.

If I could mother all of their hearts,
and show them the way, to a bright
future and the beginning of a new
day, I would. I would harbor their
pain, their hunger, their sorrow, I
would show them a better life for
their tomorrows.

I would be there to take their every
step, I would be there always to help.
I would dry their eyes, empty their
hearts of pain, place so much love
inside them, bring them in from
this rain.

But I as one, can only do so much,
it's gonna take everyone's special
touch. For their pain runs deep
and their sorrow is wide, I've seen
it in the tears they have cried.

Seeing the anger of a child without
love in their hearts, can tear
one's heart apart. I have seen
this and it makes my heart cry,
seeing a child that would rather

I have reached so many with just a
hug or kind words, these kids just
want to be loved and heard. Open
your heart to a child today, it's
gonna take the lights of all our
hearts, to brighten their way.

by Ruth warren

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nice work truly talented