If I Could Put It Into Words...

Poem By Luke Bushen

If I could put it into words
I would say I love you.
I’d say your more than life itself,
More than things old and new.

I’d say that you are so perfect
In every single way.
I’d say that you are what keeps me
Going from day to day.

I’d say your like the air I breath,
Like everything I’ve needed.
Like everything I’ve ever known,
With even that exceeded.

I’d say I’ve grown to love you more
Every day that I survive.
And every time I see your face
I thank god I’m alive.

If I could put it into words
I would,
But I can’t.

I did not write this poem with any specific person in mind, but simply put together rhyming words in poetry format in an attempt to make something that readers could enjoy.
It is, however, one of my greatest hopes and prayers that someday a beautiful & pure girl will fulfill this poem and turn the words that I wrote down on paper into actual feelings that will change both of our lives.
I therefor dedicate this poem to my future wife.

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well, if you can't say it, find the right time and place and do it Lol!

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