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If I Could Release Myself
DG (Jan 4th,1959 / Portland, OR)

If I Could Release Myself

If I could just release myself - my thoughts for my love.
If I could just convince myself – love comes from GOD above
Than life would be much easier for me, and all I know.
If I could just release myself and go…

I would have the ones I love beside me as I walk.
And people, they would stop and listen, as I’d start to talk
I wouldn’t be alone anymore; I’d have a friend or two.
But most important to me, is to know that I’d have you.

If I could just express to you the love that’s in my heart
And prove to you and others that I’ve loved you from the start.
If I could only show the world my love for you is true.
If I could just release myself to you.

But time has pasted, I’ve played the fool, and pushed your love aside.
I ran from you affections, to find a place to hide.
And now, at night when I’m alone, the memories fill within.
I dream that I could erase the time, so the past could start again.

And if it were to start again with you and I in love.
We’d walk the beach, and breath the air, and watch the stars above.
We’d walk together, side by side, and start our lives again
If only I could release myself within…

Dayle Gaylin
Sept 1980

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Beautiful poem Dayle. Sincerely, Mary