If I Could Tell My Family

Anything I'd tell them that
Loves is this souls sincere desire
Words I've uttered, or un-expressed
It is that thing, that motion That hidden fire,
That trembles within, Inside my breast

Love is my burden, my sighs
The ever falling of endless tears
The ever glancing pains in my eyes
When friends, and family are not near

Love is this mans simplest form of speech
That all our lips could try
Love is the sub-lim-est strains that reach
Like mountains majestic, majesty on high

Love is this mans vital breath
Love is this mans native air
My watch words, even to the gates of death
My love for you will always be, even there

My friends..... My family.....
Love was not made for this earth alone
Hear my words, my voice, my pleads
For I speak also of Jesus
My desire to kneel an my Fathers throne
Where His love for me, intercedes

My friends....My family... This love comes from God
His life, His truth, His way
That path of love... Myself I now trod
His Love teaches me...and what to say

So love is my vital breath
Love is my native air
My watch words at my gates
MY love, and my best for you
Like my endless prayers

by Clyde Bryson

Comments (2)

A very beautiful prayer of love with great meaning and abundant blessings throughout it. Like a river meandering through life, catching it's beauty in a poem. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
I love your name, 'Lost River' - very poetic! The poem has an appeal, for love, of love. An eye catching title, a touchy monologue. The note is touchy too.