DG (March 26,1989 / Delano)

If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time and change the way you behaved yesterday it would have been the perfect day.
Why did you have to act up on such an important date…my birthday?
The guy you jumped was my cousin, he was just saying hi.
If you knew how to communicate and restrain your temper you would have known that.
Now he is in the hospital and your probation officer is enraged.
You refused all my calls although you were not the one with the bigger balls to call me and express at least a little regret.
If I could turn back time and the way you acted not only yesterday, but from day one, would I still put up with you… I know now not! !
Now I have started a fresh page in my life without you in it, no more I’m sorry’s, I won’t let it happen again, or any other of your other senseless bull-shit excuses
Now I’m looking for someone that is the opposite of what you are.
You’ll never change now I know for sure and that saddens me (this happening has been a reality check for me) .
In the end I’d rather live alone than to live with corrupt company… you.

by Diana González

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