If I Couldn'T Dream

If I couldn't dream of the way it would be,
if I couldn't dream of you being with me,
it would be a world without any life,
if I couldn't dream of you, being my wife,
how could I hold you, tight in my arms,
how could I give in, to all of your charms,
if I couldn't dream of you every night,
if I couldn't dream, when your out of my sight,
how would I feel, what would I do,
if all of my dreams, were not of you,
if I couldn't dream, of you my sweet love,
if I couldn't dream, there would be no heaven above,
you're in my thoughts all of the time,
I dream of the day that you say you are mine,
so if I couldn't dream, this love would be lost,
if I couldn't dream, imagine the cost,
to a heart and a mind that lives only for you,
I dream of a love that is real and so true,
when I am dreaming all is serene,
just like your love, you know what I mean,
a love that is tender, yet so fierce and strong,
a love that I surrender to you all along,
if I couldn't dream, my life would be bleak,
in my dreams your love is all that I seek,
if I couldn't dream, yet for a while,
I would still picture your beautiful smile,
life would be ugly, life would be mean,
it would be unimportant, if I couldn't dream.

written by Harry Bryant
5/1/02 2: 41: 53 AM ©

by Harry Bryant

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