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If I Die?
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If I Die?

Poem By edddy rod

If i die will any1 miss me?
If i die will i be remembered?
If i die will they cry because im gone?
If i die will my best friend be there?
If i die will she care?
If i die would people change the way they think?
If i commit suicide will people judge the person that I was?
If i commit suicide will I get to see my sis because shes in heaven?
If i commit suicide will some1 blame themself?
If i commit suicide will my parents be embarresed to call me their son?
If i think of these things constantly should i commit suicide and take the easy way out or should i fight and pray to god for the best?

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if...i no right? ? ? it sucks that there are so many unanswer questions we wish we knew...i like it...good poem.
when if I told you all that it is a way out? ........that you are loved and cared about deeply. That there is a place where you can live and no one could harm you. That no matter how dark or alone you may feel....He's right there next to you. holding your hand in the dark times and carrying you through the difficult trails., ..God can save you from this darkness. if you let him he can take away the hart and pain......Jesus loves you....deeper then you know.....call on him...he's waiting.
hey i dont know how long ago you wrote this but i just read this poem now and well i have been through the exact same thing. I had same thoughts if people thought they wouldnt care and i wouldnt know and i didnt know if i should do it or not and i dont know anything to say but what friends say to me.... Life has purpose and you have a reason for being here no matter waht your going through i dont even know you but i have stong believth that things will be ok for you Dude i hope things get better and i would definatly pray it might help :) God Bless
i think u should pray to god 4 the best, -or pray it doesnt hurt, either way, i mean, yeah. XD
If I were your Mom, I would say, nothing that you could ever do would make me stop loving you. It wouldn't matter to me, what you have done or will do, my love for you will always stay strong... I would cry, cause I wouldn't want to say good bye, but I would never make you stay... Your life is your own to do with as you say, I would never ask you to be different or change...