AR (3-2-1945 / California)

If I Ever See You Again

The clock has turned to a different time
Its face faded, its arms tired
Gray and wrinkles now dress up each day
Disclosing the wear and tear of life
In the mirror I wonder what you will look like
Can I make the transformation of what I last saw
Years now seem like moments, where did time go
Your memories were gathering dust in a corner of my mind
Will what I recall still shine after 40 years
I can’t recall that last kiss, the last goodbye
Though I have waken with a smile after dreaming of you
Word that your mother had died
Would see us crossing paths once more
Yes I searched for you at the church
But I couldn’t find you
What I remember has gotten cloudy and muddy
Someone had to point you out
You somehow maintained a simple beauty
You looked different, but don’t we all
Most people lie when they say you haven’t changed a bit
The truth be that we have changed a lot
Then a handshake instead of a hug
You looked reluctant, so I pulled back
You aged well, but then your profession helped
As a beautician you had discovered the art of beautification
Tendering to the gravity of nature
Needless to say, I just ran with the wind
Sun burnt face, bearded gray, with thinning hair
Still I hope some character spilled over
I gave my eulogy and walked away
Knowing I had said the right things
Still wondering if I was just a fleeting moment
In a cauldron of our life, just a stirring in the wake
Evaporating into the sunset
I had imagined different things
Recovering past solicitations of our youth
But time had done its thing
Erased what wasn’t meant to be
Never standing still
Instead winding to another tomorrow
Closing chapters and opening up new horizons
Will I ever see you again?
Only if angels lose their wings
And time interrupts the current flow

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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