If I Gave Up

If I gave up when no one came around
If I gave up when my heart hit the ground
If I gave when people said I should
All these feelings and I’m falling apart
All this light
All of this it’s my burning heart
Skin tingly and sensitive to touch
My lips bloody my cheeks flushed
I look up simply to see the fading light that I caused to dim with my angry pleas
I look at the cold hard concrete and I realized this is me
I’m not perfect but, neither are you
Most of the time I’m happy my heart just needs to be re-glued
Most of the time my tears fall lightly and dry on the way down
Most of time when I’m angry my fists find their way to the ground
I lie but, so do you
i'm what i’m supposed to be but for some reason there is one thing I cant figure out... who are you?

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