If I Had A Beautifull Muse

BUt if is the biggest word

if i had a caribean island

the truth is im lonely and i want to touch your flesh

And everything would be wonderfull, fantastic incredible, edible

but there is just me and a wall to paint my last words this evening

I loved that and this maybe i didnt love myself

Maybe i should count the waves on the sea or stand in the wind

Or rest on a bed of forget me nots

or look at the stars time and place are another dimension, im trying to concentrate

interior design, looking inwards instead of out

introversion as oposed to extroversion

After all who wants to se scars the last ninph executed

maybe i should look at the universe specialy casiopea

do i want to get closer to you or further away

If my hart and soul is away i cant concentrate on my relative value in the universe

the material cuestion
Maybe i dont like what i see inside

an empty shell my pride might suffer


seeking eternaly extatic condition

SO what is inside this box pandoras box

To many shadows and false gods cowardice and aceptance of failings

a hole where god shoud be

to many shadows i should go in with a flash light

am i on an eye to eye basis to my true god serving the people and bound for cairo

I guess i can only say that i love you and that some runs through

my veins to my head that imagines dreamy ships traveling the

tropical sunsets

by Cristobal Benjumea

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