SJ (1991 / arizona)

If I Had A Light Switch To Control The Sun.

If there was a light switch,
To control the sun,
and I owned that light switch,
It could be such fun.

I could turn it up brighter,
on those dark,
scary nights,
when you hear the wolves growl,
and you hear the bears fight.

On the other hand,
it could be not so much fun,
because when i feel sad,
like i want to cry,
I could turn it completely off,
and no one would know why.

No one would know i was sad,
no one could see how i cry,
and people would wonder,
if the sun had died,
if it had burned out,
and perhaps they would cry.

Then I'd turn it up bright,
when i felt a little better,
just enough to let the wind,
control the weather,
just enough so no one,
could get a bad sunburn,
that day,
just enough so i would know,
that i just might be okay.

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