If I Had Done Those Things

Love is not a test of will power.
Nor a fight kept to prove,
Who is right...
When being wrong is easy to admit.

In a lasting relationship...
The one who wins,
Is the one who forgives the quickest!
Or pretends that is being done.

And 'if' I had done those things,
When I was younger...
I may not be the happy single man I am today!
It works for me!
This single life I sought desperately.
I had to divorce myself,
From that philosophy!
When I was right?
I was.
I was not too cool about that 'I'll be wrong
For the sake of love business.'
Not me!
Sometimes one thing done,
Does not work for everyone!
But it is a great feeling to think that it could.
And the happiness I now enjoy giving advice...
Is a coverup for some deep misery,
I am suppose to feel.
And I lie about having a peace of mind,
Without being nagged all the time...
Trying to find it!
I am not trying to find anything I've got!
The only thing I miss,
Is filing joint tax returns!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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