(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

If I Have Told You Before

People are sleeping with people's wives and they say it is love,
People are flirting around and they say it is love,
But try to look around you and see whether it is love;
For anytime i call for one, another do fall.
If i have told you before,
Ypou could have learnt from your mistakes,
So judge the things around you and see whether they are right;
for i am a man with the pen and i do write of all the things around me.

Beware of yesterday because it is full of the sadness of the past!
And do tell me how you felt after looking around you;
If i have told you before you would not have believed it,
But these are mere flirts among us.
Like the sleeper,
They always go around looking for more;
But i think the apple didn't fall far from the tree,
But somebody rather did pluck it!

Why be in a hurry my friend? !
But when people are almost naked,
They say that it is beautiful;
All in the name a modern state of mind.
But who will wear the crown when,
You are sleeping around with somebody's wife?
Yes life is for a passion but,
Sleeping with somebody's wife isn't the answer.

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