If I Hear You

I hear the whisper of the wind
Shoes slapping on the floor
Yelling requests of unhappiness
Oh how my ears seem so sore
The pounding from the bass
Blasting from the stereo
How much I love the sound
That makes my heart want to pound
The clicking of the keyboard
The sounds of IMS
Showing that someone
Has a request
I eavesdropp on the barking
But I know my dogs aren’t talking
I forget about the back yard
Continuing on my day
As I get to school
Where there is no play
The swishing of the words
My teachers seem to speak
Always seem to bore me
I hear the echo of conversation
Coming from the halls
How every one talks
As if the world were to end tomorrow
The shattering of the bells
Vibrate in my ears
As it tells us all to travel
To our correct road to steer
I hear the engine raw
As the busses drive away
Taking us home
To where we want to stay
I walk into the door
As my backpack hits the floor
I run up the stairs
Hearing the thundering of feet
I listen to the beat
As I finally tone into my thoughts
Hearing regrets
Listening to memories
As my mind talks to me
I hear…I see

by Nichole Hoehn

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