If I Kiss You

Why waste your life for a long lost love?
Why waste your pretty smile -
even the spring upon the ancient skies
would never walk that mile.

Why waste your time remembering,
reviving what was past?
Why waste your pretty lips unkissed-
Can I kiss you then at last?

If I kiss you, would your eyes lose their coldness,
would your stone heart melt away?
If I kiss you with my soul upon my eager lips...
would I sweep your heart away?

If I touch your lips with my lips,
would you kiss me in return-
or tell me that there are no sparks
as stars don't give their own.

If I press your lips upon my own,
would you then forget his name?
Oh, why waste your life in nothing...
let me kiss you all my days!

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Comments (5)

This is a beautiful poem.If only a someone would tell me this....
Wonderful poem. For me there is something emotionally sensual and erotic about a kiss. Something so personal that all other emotions flow from it. That shined through this poem. As I read the poem, I yearned to be the one you wrote about, is there a greater compliment?
Errr... to GW62: A poem is beautiful by itself... ;) this one is beautiful! .. And it's not the structure that makes a poem beautiful to start with... it's the soul... have a nice day Jane!
Your first two verses were excellant. After that, it went very bad. I'm sorry to be so clear in my critique but the poem left me no choice. It is far better to have no rhyme at all than to mix rhyme and no rhyme. It seems to me, that your goal was to rhyme this poem but you just couldn't do it. That's bad. The reader, was expecting rhyme all the way. You disappointed the reader. A reader can accept anything but disappointment. Still, your first two verses were very very good. GW62
awww... nice poem Jane! i like it! if you kiss me, then i'm kissing eternity! naks! anyway, thanks for sharing this one! keep inspiring people! -GanNi