LA (111111111 / Grenada)

If I Knew

If I knew then
that you'd change me forever
that you'd redefine my definition of lover
and affect my ability to love
would I have surrendered?

If I knew that sunshine
would become an eye-sore
the fragrance of rose, a poison,
and smiles a weapon
would I have surrendered?

Would I have surrendered
If I knew forever had a limit,
that I wasn't in your dreams,
that yours was the last kiss I wouldn't question
that 'I love you' are just words
and night wouldn't end...
would I have surrendered?

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Write comment. Very impressive write, Leslie. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
Woah a great poetic sarcastic poem on bitter love it must be. Strong words emotive n lamenting regret tone n words. Kudos for the fine freeverse style. Pls do review my latest poem too called poetry commentary.....
When i reached this part..i was like dang! ! ! that line just a good punch line about time..and whole poem just amazing! and can be such a romantic letter too
A great poem, Leslie. If only we knew everything beforehand.