If I Knew What Love Is

I too would rummage around for one to stub out my thirst;
To unfurl me with familiar lies and tamp me with such taste,
Or as luck would have it find mine woman holy, innocent and chaste.

I too would detach me from self in the hope of healing the breach,
I would seek out for one none of a bitch; One ascertained to blend with me without a glitch
I would fill out my bareness with too much of one sufficiently lovable with her insufficiencies!

If I knew what love is; I too would deem love with much certitude,
I would put to death my attitude and rise with the morning sun to kiss your forehead,
If I knew what love is; I would love you now and forever, alive or dead!

I would remember you like the land that time forgot,
I would write you like a committed poet, and you would sing me like the songs of Solomon
I would grow old with you!
I would love you more than words could say!
If I knew what love is'
I would gleefully take into accordance the complete wisdom in knowing that you don't just say you love me for the sake of definition.

by Mpho Wordsworth Leteng

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