If I Leave Tonight

If I leave tonight,

I'll wake up early in the morning,

chai and poha to get me starting,

ek vada and samosa for the taking,

With my homies, with my buddies, and we'll say '

padhai nahi chahiye, posting nahi chahiye,

kaam nahi chahiye,

cause today we partaaaaaay'.

If I leave tonight,

I would've called Tabrez last night,

take my Harley to bus station on a ride,

red eyes running through street lights.

Cibo's, Chili's, sports lounge, Priya Dine, Blufrog

har jagah accha tha.

HTM, Wild Sugar, Inox, tracks and courts

har jagah saccha tha,

Will I come again? If only I can see far.

If I leave tonight,

I wonder where I'll be tomorrow,

No cries push away the sorrow,

cause I haven't been,

The best of man,

The best of friend,

The best of student,

The best of son,

The best of anything tell sirs and maams this is my last one.

Agar main aaj chala jaoon,

Apni galtiyon ke liye maphi chahoon,

Aor sabko shukriyada adaoon,

Par, would I be forgiven,

Those I've been slacking when we're chilling,

Those whom, I hurt their feelings, manipulated and even lied to

Hug you one last time, yeah I would like to.

And If I leave tonight my one friend,

If me you need, I'm just a thumb away,

Say Hi to sister, family and bestfriends if may,

How far I be may, I must not sway,

Under the rain where mangoes are sweet, I stay.

If I leave tonight,

You know its gonna be all right,

Just smile for me,

Reminisce the fond memories.

If I leave tonight,

One last evening with my boo,

Nor place nor time matters,

as long as its just us, me and you,

not sweet but lets not make it bitter,

cause of the memories we share together.

So I guess the message that I have,

Cherish every moment you have,

cause you wont know when someone pass.

So, have a blast, and while you're at it,

Make the best of it,

Keep it real to your core,

And to all people,

If you lost somebody before,

Remember there'll be a sequel.

by Dr. Mahmud Firdaus

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Agar main aaj chala jaoon, Apni galtiyon ke liye maphi chahoon, Aor sabko shukriyada adaoon, Urdu mixed with english? That's revolting :) Baharhaal mujhe maza aaya parhne main :)