If I Never See Tomorrow...

Poem By Luke Bushen

If I never see tomorrow please
remember me today.
Please don't let the good things I've
accomplished fade away.
If I never see tomorrow look
toward what I did right.
Please see though my shortcomings
and reach for higher heights.
Please see time in light of truth,
and know that life is short.
Don't waste a precious second holding
back, instead push forth.

If I never see tomorrow please
know that I loved you,
That in a cold and careless world
you are my dream come true.
Please know that, though time offered not
the chance for me to tell
Of all the things I feel for you,
don't mourn in my farewell.

If I never see tomorrow
I beg you, please don't cry;
Just live and love all the more,
for then, I'll never die.

Comments about If I Never See Tomorrow...

This is a beautiful honest poem full of pure sincerity. lovely!
filled with overflowing emotions.. so pure & honest.. worthy reading & sharing.. good job.. well done 100%
wow, I love this.... just saying it like it is, straight from the heart!

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