If I Only Had A Brain (Fun Poem But True)

If I Only Had A Brain (Fun Poem but true)

I crawled out of bed this mourn
To face another day forlorned
Down to the kitchen I trudged
My first step down the stairs misjudged
OK....I caught myself...that's good
Now let's go get some food
I made my way to the fridge there
Opened it up then just stared
Maybe I should make coffee first
Before I make matters worse
So I find the paper filter alright
But putting in sugar was my plight
Well....so I dump that all out
In goes the coffee and water....thereabout
Most of the waters on the countertop
I don't know maybe I should stop
So I think I'll try a bowl of cereal
What could go wrong with that kind of meal
I pour the milk in the bowl
(no cereal yet)
and put the milk in the freezer....OH my soul!
I feel like the scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz'
I hope it's all a dream because
I'm singing the scarecrows refrain

26 July 2007

by JoJo Bean

Comments (3)

JoAnn I get days like that everyday come rain or shine. Sometimes I feel my brains in my back pocket when I get up a five in the morning. Funny little piece that brought a smile to my face thinking I'm not the only one who gets those sort of mornings. Top marks. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Ya had that day yesterday.... how about when you forget to put the basket in the coffee machine & water spews all over..lol Hope the day gets better! Delightful piece
It happens to all people at some point in life... I can relate to it. Thanks Jojo.9 from me.