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If I Only Knew

If I Only Knew

Poem By Rebecca Stansfield

If I knew why be here that I was here,
and if I only knew why the sad birds sings,
silently singing does the bird,
quietly whispering his wings.
If I only knew in which some way,
the blue bird falls down in such a way,
a way of falling as if to say,
'I'm free as as I can be.'
If I only knew the 'how' of still,
stays calm and never moves,
would that only bird not kill his will,
to be free eventually?
If I only knew a condition,
of courtesying to that bird,
would I be as free as he would be,
free, silent and never heard.
If I only know if my troubles,
could be broken into two's,
I'd be as free as each and every bird,
wings, broken never blue.

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