The poor
The homeless
The mother
The father
The son
The daughter
One by one
Died of hunger

The aunt
The uncle
The niece
The cousin
Followed them later

Oh! Poverty
Killing all the makers of history
Will you and I live to see
Poverty being history?

June 5,2005

by Konjit Berhane

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Add a comment....i love this,please i love to copy it and post.
wow i like if u rule the world...live in peace no war...there is no word of hate will exist.. thanks for sharing a nice emotion...love and peace and harmless...like a bird fly free and no boundaries...it remind my previous poem about friendship...
Sounds good your world.
Greetings, You have informed remarkable words... you have a gold heart. Father-david, the god has given us free will and from this we resist a correct life... which will be approved from the god..10.. Sincerely, Tsira