BS (17/10/89 / Liverpool, England)

If I Sent You A Rose.

If I sent you a rose, would it see another day?

If I sent you a dove, would you let it fly away?

Would you talk to me all night, with nothing to say?

Stay next to me through work, through laughter, through play?

Would you get up and leave, without a goodbye?

Or would you blow me a kiss, then look me in the eye?

Would you let me help you to your feet?

Would you wait for me in the rain, if we were to meet?

If I could say this to your face, then I probably would.

But when I look at it all, I don't think I should.

For if you sent me a dove, it would forever be on my shoulder.

And if you sent me a rose, I'd be the first to get colder.

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