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If I Should Go Tomorrow

If I should go tomorrow into the great unknown
Do not mark the spot where I might lie with a memorial stone
For any sort of recognition will be worthless to me then
For the dead are just a memory even to their kith and kin.

My life is unexciting financially I'm close to broke
And those who say that money speaks every language are not cracking a joke
And those who say that money does not guarantee us happiness
not telling us anything that's new
Yet better be wealthy and unhappy than poor and miserable only happens to be true.

If I should die tomorrow on me do not waste your tears
And if you do remember me just say he had his better years
And he had his addictions he penned a lot of rhyme
Yet his best writing efforts did seem a waste of time.

If I should go tomorrow to the place of no return
It will not matter If I am buried or my bones to ash will burn
I will be past all caring and of all feelings I'll be free
And it really will not matter then if none remember me.

by Francis Duggan

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