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If I Steal The Hearts Of A Million Girls

If I were to steal the hearts of a million girls
Then give them all up for your golden curls
If I take the world like a lightning storm
If i build a bonfire that keeps your warm
If i solve world hunger create world peace
If i arrange every prisoner a safe release
If i do all these acts that i believe i can
Would you give up your heart to such a man?

Would you touch me, feel me, help to heal me?
Would you burst out and cry when i say goodbye?
Would my presence beside you quicken your heart?
Would our every minute be a great work of art?

If I stopped all the crying you do each night
If I spent long hours just holding you tight
If I used my touch to halt your tears
If I stayed in your arms to halt your fears
Will your love increase again year to year?
If you love what i do and you love what I say
Will you come to my side and we'll marry today?

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Loving and caring, a splendid romantic read. Did she say yes? (Hopeless romatics like sappy endings) Patricia Gale
If all wishes had come true, the world would have been so beautiful. Just like this poem is. Peace.