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If I Was A Superhero
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If I Was A Superhero

Poem By Daniel Hooks

I am a nightmare in blue pants.
I do my little dance.
Then beat you.
On cue.
Cause I am a super hero.
Super I said not superzero.
Superman’s got nothing on me.
I can do all he can times three.
Super villains can’t pay the fee.
They just can’t get rid of me.
I am faster than the speed of light.
So watch or I’ll give you a fright.
My game is tight.
My hair is white.
Bullets bounce of my torso.
Governments want me on death row.
Cause they’re scared I might take over.
I have luck like a four leaf clover.
Save today I’ve saved tomorrow.
Saved people from their sorrow.
No need to ask just borrow.
My skills for a day.
I need no pay.
There is no way I’d let you down.
Even if I was a super clown.
I ‘d find a way to bring baddies down.
There’s no mountain too high.
No way I’d ever sigh.
Cause I am super happy.
Sometime my cloak becomes flappy.
But do I get depressed nah.
Well bah.
My pants being too tight.
And my clothes being bleached white.
So this is who I’d be if I was a superhero.

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Comments (1)

its wierd, when i read the 1st line, i thought immediatly of my lil brothers, who i call the two terrors. whether you intended it or not, i found the poem to be very funny, mostly just from imaging my bros in your place. thanx for a good laugh!