SDP (1-23-1991 / Salem)

If I Was Born Beautiful

All the people on TV
look much more beautiful thanme
their six pack chests and veibrant eyes
they'll always be who I depise

why can't I ever be like them
record deals, or smoother skin
a better face, perfect complexion
why won't I be more like them?

I wish that I weren't born as me
I can't stop feeling so ugly
I wish that there were many lines
of people who'd want to be mine

my heart just won't let the thought go
the answer only they could know
how It Is to be perfect, how It Is to be love
how It Is to be looked upon as If they were a god

why was I born scary
unappealing to peoples' taste
as far as I am too concerned
my body Is a waste

I wish I weren't for radio
I want to look 'TV'
cause If I was born beautiful
then people would love me

by Stephen Denny Paul White

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