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If I Was In Control Of The World
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If I Was In Control Of The World

Poem By courtney helm

If I was in control of the world,
I’d give the poor money,
And help the homeless find shelter,
And make noses less runny,
And have Abusive spouses find love,
And help abandoned children,
Be found,
And the world would be surrounded,
By people with love,
And bullying would stop,
And tears wouldn’t shed another drop,
And people lost would be found,
And people would stay their ground,
And blind would see,
And slaves would be free,
And HIV would no longer be a problem,
The deaf would hear,
And everyone would find a career,
And everyone would walk,
And everyone would talk,
And no one would stalk,
Kidnappers would find no use,
In kidnapping,
And no one,
Would need adopting,
Drugs and alcohol,
Wouldn’t be known,
And there would never be depression,
Because no one would be depressed,
And every fear would be overcome,
And no one would be dumb,
There would be faith and hope,
Throughout the world,
And no one would ever be murdered,
Because murderers will no longer wish to,
And people would no longer be angered,
Because they will learn to forgive,
And no one would steal,
Because they would be happy for what they have,
Every wound would heal,
And every lie untold would be revealed,
Every person who was in danger would have a shield,
And there wouldn’t be any fist fights,
Because people would learn what’s right,
And there would no longer be a single slave,
They will be brave,
And every hostage,
Will be saved,
And no one would cut or have pain,
Because they start realizing
That there’s no gain
This would happen, if I was in charge.

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