AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)

If I Was Like

(Hook) If i was like jay-z shawty would you want to fly with me, If i was lik t-pain shawty would you want to drink with me, If i was like 50 would you want to be in NYC or sitting on paris

(verse1) Shawty if i was like one of these major rap super-stars would you take time to answer my call and give a nigga a shot and a holla without saying a girl need dollars cause this world is so up tight but we can take a plane flight so you can reach the ultimate height where your body touch my body with a fire burning on desire if only i was like one of these major super-stars baby who is you kidding cause this is my life full of dreams

(hook cont.)

(verse2) Now why you gonna rush on the first day we can take it nice and slow and you already starting to blush so its like poker its a full house with me and you in the cover with a little marvin running the night its alright cause our day just starting take you out to rodeo drive and then to malibu road and pick out that five mill manison but you wondering is it a dream or something like kesha and jeezy

(hook cont.)

(Verse3) If i own all of this would you be my partner in like bonnie and clyde but much more fresher & better cause shawty you reside by my side like my queen and i be your king so tell me how can the two of us ever get into trouble how dare they say two lovers couldn't ever together shawty we were made for life if this aint right then this aint life but shawty remember if i was only like...

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