If I Was To Sit Down With You Again

If I was to sit down with you again
If I was to have time to talk with you again
If you were to let me in your life even for a few minutes
I wonder what I should tell you
I wonder if I would still be angry
Because I still wonder why we are not together

If we were to share moments again
If we were to talk romantically again
If we were to have time together just for a few moments
Will I be able to have that smile on your face?
Will it be possible to crack your face with laughter?
Because I felt like a joke to you
And I felt like you were honey to me
So I still wonder if we would be happy and feel good together

If I was to tell you I still have love for you
If you could admit we could still live a life together
I wonder if I could be wondering of where you are at
I wonder if I could be picturing you with friends
Because now I still wonder where you are
Picturing you with someone else
With jealousy all over me…thinking that should have been me
Then I wonder if this separation was fair

Was it me?
Was it about me?
Was it you
Or was it about you
Was it my life style?
Was it your way of life
Should I say our friends?
I still wonder to date
If I can date you again
If I can hold you close to me
If you say together
And I say together
And together we should have been….

I still miss you
And the funny part I still kiss you
I kiss you even more than I can count in my dreams
Counting moments that were hoped for
Moments that were seen ahead of us
"Us" the pronoun that should have represented you and me in our love sentence
A sentence which we could have read as a life style
And others could have read as love
Seeing of how respectful, Kind, and loving we were
Wouldn't that be nice, if not nicer?
I wonder because…
We…are not together

So with all those days together
Days when we sat together side by side
Times that we walked together shoulder to shoulder
Can we think of all that … and act civilized
Separation for whatever reasons that we should have both known could have been better
But not knowing why... is bitter
Hence anger is the feeling…
But I still care I guess…
In my dreams we are together

by Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

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