If I Were 21 Today

Poem By Pete Crowther

If I were twenty-one today,
I think I'd dance the night away.
I'd drink champagne and polish off
Half a bottle of the best Smirnoff.
I'd carry on till the night had flown
And trust my friends to carry me home.
My coming of age they'd never forget
Nor I remember, you can bet.

(For Tiffany Etter)

Comments about If I Were 21 Today

Peter, I absolutely loved this! Beautiful sentiment, and great advice for all ages. Hugs Anna xxx
And I'm just getting around to reading this NOW? Wonderful sentiment, Pete! I just may take your advice (even if I'm not 21) !
This whimsical poem made me smile....oh, to be 21 again! Raynette

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