If I Were A Bumble Bee

If I were a bumble bee
I would fly among the flowers
And  get stuck inside a bud
Tightly closed with its sepals
to get the warmth
Where no one could find me
protected by the colorful petals
Provided by honey to quench my thirst
When with  love and fragrance
it suffocates me
And smile  at my last breath
Bloom at once to show the light
But then it will be very late
And my soul will depart happily
forever from this world

by Rini Shibu

Comments (5)

This is a magnificent poem! A great painting made of words
A great piece of poetry! Fascinating poetic imagination Rini, enjoyed a lot...! ..Happy New Year 2018........!
This is a very creative poem about if I were a bumblebee.
If we could all just die in a place we love. Good one Rini
A very lovely poignant write. Well executed.