(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

If I Were A Child On Halloween

If I could have the perfect
Halloween that I'd wish for
As a child I would knock
Upon every single door.

I would expect a handout
Of candy so sweet and bright
I would gather all this sweetness
Way into the night.

The air would be quite chilly
So I would dress warm and snug
My house would be decorated
From its ceiling to its rug.

Pumpkins would be everywhere
Hot drinks upon the stove
Apple cider for everyone
Would fit us like a glove.

The animals would be greeted
Happily at the door too
By only folks who love them
I'll bet that would be you.

Oh yes, I could go on forever
Till my face turned brilliant green
For I know exactly what I would want
If I were a child on Halloween!

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