If I Were A King

I would, for the reign, so deliver:
Give you paradise in place of hell,
Achieve the unimaginable feat,
Set sorrow ablaze to ride on joy,
Give you my life to live for me,
Stay awake to save your dreams,
Make for you, the comfort of life,
Decrease myself to increase you,
Sacrifice my reality for your own.
These they said, yet not delivered!

Successfully they achieved in turn:
Build a castle we live in the air,
Make white elephant projects,
Feed you with eggs of the moon,
Treasure your future in torture,
Feather their nest to expose yours,
They eat the flesh 'n' you the bone
Set you 'broad to expose your ass,
Wash your dirty linen in public,
All these hung the day for all eyes!

My reign you'd so admirably hate:
I would set a pace for others;
Build space for times and seasons;
Marry the past with the future;
Lull off rage to keep peace awake;
Integrate objectivism on subjects;
Rear hearts to reach for the sun;
Soar with speed on eagle's wings;
And keep to 'We' before 'Me'
Because you determine my fate!

by Tosin Abegunde

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