If I Were A Moon

Poem By Patti Masterman

If I were a moon, I'd chase your sun,
Or if a butterfly, you'd be the one
Flower, that I could not resist;
Or if a valley, your green I would kiss,
And if a cloud, when the day is done,
The spark of lightning, the storm's begun.

If you were death, I'd be the tomb,
If you were birth, I'd be the womb,
And if you were higher to reach than the sky,
I'd hitchhike the meteors, whistling by-
For love is the field that holds the whole world,
As patiently, patiently time is unfurled.

Comments about If I Were A Moon

Wonderful poem Really one of your masterpieces, Patti. Very nice expression of love. Excellent
Really like this one. Love the transition of words
A lovely write Patti.
love this one... the very rhythm of love!
This is really beautiful and excellent. I love the word choice and the style.

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