LA (111111111 / Grenada)

If I Were A Seed

If I were a seed,
I would sit in wait
of the coming bird
that would take me away
up into the heavens
where I will always
see your smile...

And if by chance
he were to pass me
I hope it would be
in your backyard
that I might grow
into a tree
of succulent fruits
that you love
so when you bite on me
I would taste your lips...

And every autumn
I'll be the last to leave
going only by force
I'll give a rainbow
that the remembrance
might make your seasons warm
and in the spring
I'll be the first to bloom
because you make me warm.

If I were a seed...

Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

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I want a autobiographyof a seed if i was a seed