TC (12.07.1989 / )

If I Were A Winner

I'd have a house on the sand
on a beach with perfect waves
If I were a winner and things just went my way
I'd play the guitar and make all the people cry
My voice would be gold,
I wouldn't even have to try
My wallet would be full of loads of cash so green
I'd own the sweetest car anyone's ever seen
I'd drink the finest wines and throw parties everyday
If I were a winner and everything went My way

Buy I've got a wife she's the sweetest women I've ever seen
She carries my child so full of hopes and dreams
We have a little debt but it doesn't bother me
We get along alright together and we make ends meet
Sometimes we fight but it never goes on too long
The love that we have is something that feels so strong
In the morning I wake next to here every single day
And that makes me a winner
What mores there to say

by Tim Cook

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