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If I Were A..............?
(21/8/1998 / Cochin(India))

If I Were A..............?

Poem By Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

If I were a rabbit
I would hop all around
I would nibble carrots
Without making a sound
If I were a lion
And even if I was full of might
As I was defeated by an ant
So I am on a vegetarian diet
If I were a fish
I will swim in the water
I won’t dare come out
Because then it will be hotter
If I were a horse
I would participate in races
And secure the first place
And look at happy faces
If I were a giraffe
I would have a view from the top
But I am still unlucky
Because I can not hop
If I were a kangaroo
I would hop around with a pouch
But I hope I won’t fall down
Otherwise I will say ‘ouch! ! ’
If I were a penguin
I would walk like a baby
If the weather becomes hot
I will have a swim, may be
If I were a monkey
I would sit on a tree
And keep throwing berries
On a poor old donkey
If I was that donkey
I would chew up the monkey
Even though I know
He is not that tasty
If I were a cockroach
I would steal food from the larder
I just hope my other task
Doesn’t become harder
If I were an eagle
I would soar in the sky
And look at my sumptuous prey
From up so high
If I were a camel
I would store food on my back
And then I will move on
Carrying it like a sack
If I were a peacock
I will dance in the showers
Amongst the tall trees
Amongst the beautiful flowers
If I were a sparrow
I will fly or eat grains
Bur even if I only do that
I still have lots of brains
If I were a duck
I will wade in the lake
But I will stop the poem here
Or you will shout, ” stop for heaven’s sake”

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Comments (36)

very nice It was very interesting and contained a lot of informations.
well it is a different type of poem. what type do you call it?
Nice poem Risha, you can happily continue.... We will never tell you to stop.
Risha is princess of imagination, So nicely she has written this poem I have no alternate but to comment it's simply wonderful.........10
I am going to post a wish list and please go on writing this one continually.
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