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If I Were Magic
SEJ ( / Elgin, South Carolina)

If I Were Magic

Poem By S. Elaine Jackson

If I were magic, do you know what I would do
I would change the world and make it new
I would place it into my bag of tricks
And everything that's broken I would fix
I'd whisk it way off into outer space
Then bring it back with a brand new face
I would remake every face and change every head
Then make them become someone else instead
I would go inside every broken heart
Then give it hope and fresh new start
For all the hungry people, I would help to feed
I would give poor people all that they would need
My magic bag of tricks would take all sickness away
Everyone would live to see a better day
There would be happy with the joy that human life can bring
Abuse of little children would come to an end
There would be peace and harmony among all men
My best trick of all would be to eradicate all the dope
To give our youth a dream and restore lost hope
I'd wave my magic wand and gangs would never fight
I'd take away all the weapons and fling them out of sight
I would educate the children completely without cost
My act of generosity would maybe save a kid who's lost
Now that I've got you all into my little bag of tricks
I've tied you up together and given you a chance to mix
Being close together made you think and touch and feel
I hope you realize this is no trick, these situations are for real
My closing act of magic is to let you all go free
Living together in peace is as easy as can be
If you liked my bag of magic, then wait for my hat
For those of you who didn't you wouldn't want that
There is something special here that I'm trying to do
I would like to see the magic called love from all of you too

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