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If I Were To Die Tomorrow.

if i were to die tomorrow
there are many things i would change.
i would love all the people
i have ever hated.
i would heal all the people,
in which i have hurt.

if i were to die tomorrow
i would change the way
in which i lived
id be happy for all
that i have ever lost
id love whoever has been there for me,
and opened up their loving, caring
arms to me.

if i were to die tomorrow
i would be nicer to everyone
forgive and forget,
live everyday to the fullest.
accept everyone as everyone is equal.

i just want to say
if i were to die tomorrow
thank you, for in some way
no matter how much or how little
you have touched me in some way
- Always and forever i love you.

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Janice and Albert and Chris and I are all in agreement this is sooo touching...and of course, this is the way we should all be about life andd forgiveness, and such! Kudo's on an amazing write!