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If I Were To Kill Myself Tonight
AK Amy Kerswell (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

If I Were To Kill Myself Tonight

If I were to kill myself tonight
Would you be angry or mad?
If I were to take my life tonight
What would you think?

Would you hate me for what i ve done?
Would you loath what I ve done?
Would you think of me as selfish?

When I ve killed myself tonight
Dont cry and dont be sad.
It was my choice to go
I know my time was short
I know I could of had years left.
But if I had stayed I would have gone mad.

When you find me dead and cold
Dont be anry and upset
I had to go now
Im sorry for my early departure.

When you visit my place of rest
Dont cry for me.
Dont waste time crying for me
Im not there
Im in your hart if you want me to be

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