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Sonnet: O City, City
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Sonnet: O City, City

Poem By Delmore Schwartz

I wish nothing more than to sit,
Doing nothing and liking it.
IF I wish.

I wish nothing more than to walk,
And not seek a word of conversation.
IF I have an inclination,
To do this without a bit of hesitation.

I wish nothing more to take a nap.
If that is where my mind is at.

And if I wish nothing more than to be alone...
It is not because I am lonely.
It is because that is what I wish.
To be undisturbed when and IF I wish,
Is bliss.

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Comments (2)

Shades of Walt Whitman here, just slightly..You are so diverse in your writing styles; never know what to expect next..(smile)
I like how you stated exactly what you wanted or wished for in this poem. I can relate to this; as I often wish these same things. We all need some space of our own & escape from the worries of this world. Thanks for sharing. I gave it a 10. Ravensong