Worlds An Orphanage

Shakespeare said 'All worlds a stage'but i say
worlds an orphanage with mankind as merely slaves
slaves on the hands of human deception
slaves on the hands of political aspiration
slaves on the hands of societical perception
with no verge of extinction
Gone are those days when human nature dominated
love for thy neighbour and thy people bloomed
respect flourished in petals of delicacy
lust lost amongst those souls
but now into the new era
with shadows of evil domination
saw Englands queen of Hearts fade with the wind
the bold and mighty shaken up the feet
with the idea of war ranging above fields
saw many kings with combined fist
war is evil/ evil is war
to fight against terror is above all
leaving something or nothing behind
worlds an orphanage after all.

by Nakil Prasad

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One for it to wear! ! Dear in your heart. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I am the one for it to wear while you poison the well.......scintillating poetic expression my friend! An elegant piece of poetry! My great pleasure reading it time and again!
A well drafted poem on bemusement. Interesting to read. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.
I am the one for it to wear! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
excellent expression on bemusement- As if with crowds to magnify the truth you twist to falsify /// wonderful writings
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