If It Is Not About You

If it is not about you,
That you keep such desire to do...
To prove,
Then what is the purpose...
That necessitates the heat of your fire?

If it was no about 'you'...
That flame inside would not burn.
And that yearning to accomplish,
Would not be kept as valued!
IF it was not about you.

So many do believe it is not about them.
From false teachings taught to keep their lights dimmed.
But it IS about you.
If it wasn't you would not be here to do.
With a proving to others...
It is about them too!

'It isn't about me.'

I see!
Then why do you exist?
To prove your worth is unrealistic?
And you would rather be something real like a tree?

You are not understanding me.'

And selfish as this may seem to be...
My understanding will not be confused,
To diffuse it with your accepted comprehension...
Of whoever it is all about.

'We all are a reflection of God! '

Then it IS about YOU.
Will you get out of my face!
You are obstructing my view.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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