If It Is Not Of Mutual Benefit

It has been explored.
Loving what I do and sharing.
And I have been abhorred,
By those who believed...
Sleep walking through my life,
Was perfectly alright.
On 'my' time.
As if a mission of doing me a favor,
Has been a charity completed...
To leave another pleased.

I had to make it clear to many...
I am more than a surface animation.
To be serious with life is not an ambition.
It is what I live this life appreciated and given.
And if it is not liked how I handle my life...
There is no need to be involved in it with pretense.
I do what I do with an intention meant.
I am not seeking anyone to 'accomodate' my desires.
If it is not of mutual benefit,
What is the point of being around folks like that?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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