If It Is Not Really You

Poem By anasuya balla

Isn’t it sad that antiseptic words
(Words that smile slightly, even)
Can become all that is left
(As a jaded memory: maybe?)
of something
That was everything it was
before it really was

I miss septic wounds
That scarred and scared
Of lovers tiffs
That was not really justified there
I miss the tears that wiped the wounds
They say salt has its magic
Perhaps – but will it do?

Come back I could say
If words were mine
But words and wounds have
an action benign.
I could say come back
But what good would it do?
What good if its not really you?

Comments about If It Is Not Really You

This poem has so much more depth than the usual poem I read here about lost love. Your first stanza is absolutely wonderful...and you developed the thought quite well. You are a true poet! Raynette
Very nice Anasuya. Sincerely, Mary
Great poem...I loved it.

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