If It Is Not There

To have any kind of unity,
Known to show a devotion...
Committed to behold.
There has to be,
One collective belief.
One accepted vision.
Kept with steps to complete.
Without time consuming,
Chipping away,
That wish to succeed.

A strategy without sacrifice,
Is like hopping into a new car.
With no engine in it.
No key or anyone,
Determined qualified to drive.

'I have my opinions to express.
Just like everyone else.'

-I'm sure.
And for years we come to appear
At these annual unity meetings.
Hoping to redefine,
The definition of unity.-

'I object.
You don't have to talk to 'me',
Like that.
And with 'that' low tone,
In your voice.'

-You're right.
And I'm sure 'your' words,
To have heard before.
Came disrespectfully,
From either a child or spouse.
Inside your house.-

If a unity wished to get...
Is not there to experience it,
Where one lives to call home.
Why is it expected easier done,
When people come together...
From places they live,
Tolerating none created.
Or have the patience it takes,
Teaching and learning...
What unity means to get some.
Before going somewhere else,
Expecting their suggestions...
Deserve to be heard.
Then become upset,
If opinions for years expressed
Are not accepted.
And had been known to condone,
Disrespect shown...
In their own homes.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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