If It's Love

Here's what I was told
To know if love has started to reign
They said it's like a war within you
Between the heart and the brain

They said to know if it's love
Her voice will be music to your ears
She'll always be on your mind
And you'll talk about her to your peers

They said to know if it's love
She'll be the one to bring change
Old habits will no longer die hard
When you promise and swear on her name

They said to know if it's love
It will help you find a new way
The weakest man becomes a fighter
And the meanest will start to pray

And finally to know it yourself
How love may be defined
Is simply as you were reading this
She gracefully appeared in your mind


by Fareez Nasir

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A refined poetic imagination, Fareez. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.