TH (5-24-83 / MO)

If, It's Ok

You always wanted something to shine apon

You wanted somesome to step on

You always wanted the best

You now, are among the pest

You wanted something to laugh at

You needed something to stare at

You looked for someone to share with

you cried out for someone to be with

you yelled this was bullshit

you asked for everything

everything but me

now you want me

You want something
someone like me

did your light go out?

What went wrong

where you lost with out?

How can you pretend
in this world of real

how will you mend?

no more money
no more games
this times
Its win
or lose your fame

your crowd has fade

your cute face gone
all you ask is
how long
this will go on
No one can say

Its up to you to say

Because today

Is the first

you see
and pray

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