If It Wasn'T For You

You leave me here on my own,
I've got nowhere left to go,
And there is no one else I can run to.
Because there's no one as good as you,
None so faithful none so true,
And without you I know I can't get through.

But I know that you'll always be there
Through the wind and the rain.
I know that you'll always be fair
through my hatred and pain.
Even though it fells like you've left me,
I know that's not true.
Because I couldn't carry on, if it wasn't for you.

You've taken away all my pain,
There is no one else I can blame,
For all of the hard times I've come through.
Though I look around and can't see,
Where the hell on earth you might be,
I just know that I have to find you.

by Pete Burgess

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